“Hangover II” Hangs Way Over The Box Office Competition


Not surprisingly, in this alcohol obsessed culture we all know and love, the proceeds prove, the only thing we like more than getting ripped… is watching a group of buddies get hammered and not remembering how or what the hell happened the night before.

“The Hangover II” has boozed its way to a new Memorial Day Weekend record. Something, the producing studio will not soon forget no matter how many celebratory bottles are popped. According to the NY Daily News, the blockbuster “hauled in $86.5 million in its first weekend, putting Hollywood on course to set a new revenue record for the long Memorial Day weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday.” But wait… the numbers get much more impressive. Hollywood.com box-office analyst, Paul Dergarabedian said, “from Friday to Sunday, Hollywood’s domestic take totaled about $220 million. Once Monday’s receipts are counted, the industry should finish the four-day weekend with around $270 million, easily topping the $254.6 million Memorial Day record set in 2007.”

This must come as somewhat of a surprise to Warner Brothers because the “ ‘The Hangover’ sequel did nearly twice the business of the original blockbuster comedy in its $45 million opening weekend two years ago.” For the small minority of people out there who aren’t familiar with the dorm room style comedy concept where a few buddies (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis) pave their way through havoc going off of clues of their wild night – only this time shifting the debauchery from Sin City to the Asian Vegas: Bangkok.

And speaking of areas far far away… they also seem to enjoy sophomoric crapulous antics as they pulled in an additional $59 million to add to the total of the sequel’s opening which debuted in 40 other countries.

All in all, it seems a panda that knows Kung Fu and Johnny Depp once again playing an eccentric Caribbean pirate was no match for the good ol’ ageless tradition of drinking to excess. Gulp…gulp.

(Image from Warner Bros.)

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