10 Best Costume Ideas for Halloween 2010 [LIST]


Entertainment news is probably the best source for Halloween costume ideas if you’re into dressing up like your favorite celebrity or Internet sensation. Here is a list of what we think are the 10 Best Costume Ideas for Halloween 2010….in no particular order.

1. BP
This isn’t really funny at all, but the thought of actually being “BP” for Halloween is creative, to say the least. And I really wanted to share this funny costume – it’s all you’d need! And some chocolate syrup for the dramatic effect!

2. Antoine Dodson
The newly famous Internet sensation is best known for telling viewers on a news broadcast to “hide yo husbands, hide yo kids!” after an intruder broke into his house and tried to assault his sister. You can read the Antoine Dodson story right here on The Daily Scene. If you want to be a sensation at the Halloween party, you’ll need a red bandana, black tank top, a puffy wig and a hell of an attitude!

3. Snookie
Everyone loves Nicole Polizzi, also known as “Snookie” from the Jersey shore. This could be a fun one for you ladies. But I think if you don’t have the same features as the real Snooks, this might be a tough one to pull off. All you’ll need is some bronzer or orange paint for your skin, a short dress and a wig with a bump it!

4. Tiger Woods
I don’t know if representing yourself as Tiger Woods this year would necessarily be a hit at your party, but there are certainly some different avenues you can take to at least get some laughs. To emulate this sports icon, you’ll need a black Nike hat, a short sleeved collared (golf) shirt preferably with a Nike swoosh tucked into your pants, a golf club, no wedding ring and an entourage of scandalous women.

5. The “Old Spice” Guy
I hate to call him that, but really who knows his name? The “Old Spice Guy” is responsible for one of the most popular social media campaigns of all time when he took to YouTube and made personalized videos for fans. After publishing over 180 videos his campaign had nearly 6 million views with over 22,000 comments! To be the “Old Spice Guy” for Halloween, you’ll need a muscular upper body, you’ll need to wear nothing but a white towel, and your hands will need to remain on your hips at all times.

6. An Avatar
Avatar was one of the highest grossing movies of all times. Everyone has seen it and those who haven’t certainly know what an Avatar is. If you want to be an Avatar for Halloween this year you’ll need lots of blue paint for any exposed skin, a wig with thin braids, green contact lenses, a bow-and-arrow and you’ll need to wear a limited amount of earth-toned colored clothing.

7. Justin Bieber
“Bieber Fever” is another popular thing this year and although there may be a lot of Justin Bieber look-a-likes trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, I think you can have fun with this one. All you’ll really need is a bowl-shaped haircut, clothes of a 12 year old boy and an acoustic guitar.

8. The Situation
The Situation or “Sitch” is also becoming a house-hold name, sadly. If you want to be “The Situation” from Jersey Shore this year for Halloween all you’d really need to do is walk about with your shirt lifted up. Simple enough.

9. Mel Gibson
This might be the scariest Halloween costume of them all! You’ve all heard the rants and the tapes released in mainstream media where Gibson screams and threatens the safety of his girlfriend Oksana. Verbal abuse is an understatement. If for some reason you wanted to be Mel Gibson for Halloween, you’d need to grow a crazy beard (long and maybe multi-colored) and get some crazy eye contacts. Then you could just get inexcusably drunk and scream obscenities at everyone around you.

10. Lindsay Lohan
Poor Lindsay Lohan can’t stay out of the news and it’s always for being in and out of rehab or jail. If you wanted to take a lazy approach to this year’s Halloween and be Lindsay, just buy an orange jump suit and a red wig and sprinkle some freckles on your face. Good to go!

Happy Halloween Folks!

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