10 Year Old Trick or Treater Pulls Handgun on Neighbor


AIKEN, South Carolina ~ (Augusta Chronicle/ AP) ~ Local authorities report a young trick-or-treater pulled a handgun on a woman who joked about stealing his Halloween candy.

A police report of the incident, which took place on the evening of October 31st, said an unidentified 28-year-old woman saw a group of youngsters while they were trick-or-treating around 6:30pm. When she joked about stealing their Halloween candy she got something unexpected. Aiken Public Safety Lieutenant David Turno says a 10-year-old in the group of about ten juveniles responded, “no you’re not, bitch” and pointed a 9mm semi-automatic pistol at her.

Turno said there was no clip in the gun and it was unloaded, but the boy did have a clip full of rounds in his possession. The unidentified boy’s brother, also 10, told authorities he also had a handgun; the second weapon was recovered Tuesday morning. The boy who pulled the weapon was taken to the police station where he was handed over to his parents. Turno said the boys got the guns from their grandfather without his permission.

Photo credit: NY Daily News

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