12-Year Old Boy Makes 20,317 Jump Shots To Raise Money for Families of Fallen Navy SEALs


Sometimes the greatest of examples come from somewhat unlikely sources. And while the typical adult is generally too consumed with their own day-to-day routines, kids often times prove to be more charitable with their time than even those whom they are expected to look up to.

Such is the case here as 12-year old Will Thomas, a Virginia native, who recently dedicated his entire Labor Day weekend to shooting jump shots. Okay, now I know you’re thinking that doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary for a little boy, but his motive is the story here.

Thomas was asking people to pledge money for each jumper that he made, all aimed at raising money for the families of the fallen Navy SEALs who recently died in the tragic helicopter accident in Afghanistan.

With his pre-set goal of 17,000, Will easily surpassed that and kept on shooting for three consecutive days. The end result — a whopping 20,317 shots netted, thus raising an amazing $34,000 for the SEAL’s families.

When asked about his motive regarding the selfless act, Will simply had this to say: “Shooting baskets, for me, is something that I love to do,” Thomas told WUSA9 in Virginia, “and the fact that I could do it to help the families of the SEALs, I thought that was great.”

Let us all take a note out of the kids playbook as we should each aim at becoming more aware of opportunities to aid in great causes.

Props to Will Thomas, and be sure to check the coinciding news footage below.

Via DeadSpin.com

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