1230 Clownshow at The Insurgo Bastard Theater is Becoming a Hit


I don’t know what your idea of entertainment is but I like something completely original and totally off the wall, and I have found just that.


It’s called 1230 Clownshow at The Insurgo Bastard Theater Las Vegas. This show is deemed as “90 minutes of euro-comic-insanity”. From what I know of 1230 Clownshow it is a mix of comedy, homoerotic sexuality, and acrobatics. And these guys have major talent. From juggling to contortionists to old fashioned side show acts. 1230 Clownshow features performers from Cirque Du Soleil, Le Reve, and other top Las Vegas shows.

The act that stole the show is a golden painted, half naked duo called, “Golden Showers”. Now this act was what got my attention, and honestly intrigued me enough to go see the show. It’s strange, but true.

Right now, 1230 Clownshow is set to run one weekend a month, but I’ve been told that could change at any time. So I would recommend seeing it as soon as possible. I am glad I did. It was great fun and very entertaining.

1230 Clownshow’s next showing is September 3rd and 4th at 12:30am and tickets are $10. The show sells out fast and tickets may not be available online so I would suggest calling the theater to find out how you can get your tickets. For more information and to order tickets visit www.1230show.com.

But be forewarned, this show will keep you laughing so hard you may wet your chonies. So be prepared!

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