21 stupid humans who will miss David Letterman the most


David Letterman may be leaving late-night TV but the memories of people doing stupid tricks with their bodies on the Late Show stage will live on.

Regular people have found their 15 seconds of fame via “Stupid Human Tricks” for years. For those unfamiliar, the Late Show segment features people doing weird tricks with their bodies — basically, exactly what the name implies.

Performing your trick on the show is essentially Mecca for everyday Joes with incredible reflexes and weirdly flexible limbs. In honor of Letterman’s last Late Show on Wednesday night, here are 21 jaw-dropping stupid human GIFs.

  1. Pencils
  2. Goldfish
  3. Jump-rope
  4. Juggler
  5. Tumblr_ncksrp0m0g1t8e8rlo2_r1_400
  6. Drinking-2
  7. Chair
  8. Gum
  9. Ladder
  10. Stomach
  11. Fan
  12. Hot-dog
  13. Wedgie
  14. Pogo-stick
  15. Keg
  16. Unicycle
  17. Archery
  18. Drinking
  19. Catch
  20. Basketball
  21. Penny

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