45 Easy DIYs to Make Your Halloween House the Best On the Block


Everyone knows the best Halloween house on the block. It’s the one that looks stunning during the day, but terrifying in the dark. It’s the one that no one wants to walk past in the evenings leading up to the 31st, but no one wants to miss on the big night. It’s the one that has absolutely everyone grabbing their candy buckets and getting ready to knock — you know the place. Well, this year, that place is yours, with these easy Halloween DIY’s to thrill visitors and impress holiday guests.

1. Colorful Witch Hats

Project via Kim @Made in a Day

Turn your living room into the perfect place for a wandering witch to hang her hat! See the full post here.

2. Withering Skeleton Wreath

Project via Vanessa @Tried & True

In a few short steps, get these creeping hands crawling up your front door. See the full post here.

3. Cute and Creepy Memory Tree

Project via Karri @Blue Ribbon Kitchen

Hang up pictures of last year’s costumes, stray fall leaves, feathers, and a ton of little pumpkins. See the full post here.

4. Plastic Cup Luminaries

Project via Paula @Prince Frog Paperie

Turn cheap plastic cups into happy Halloween sidewalk greeters! See the full post here.

5. Freaky Fairy Garden

Project via Jessica @Designers Sweet Spot

Who knew fairy gardens could get even better?! See the full post here.

6. Giant Sparkling Spider

Project via Gail @Purple Hues and Me

A giant sparkling spider is just the thing to creep up on unsuspecting guests and give them an exciting thrill. See the full post here.

7. Wide Eyed Owl Wreath

Project via Rose @What Rose Knows

Cute and just a little creepy, this colorful feathered fiend will watch people as they pass by and gawk. See the full post here.

8. Spider Infested Door Decor

Project via Stephanie @One Mile Home Style

Adding orange spiders to pretty much anything makes it icky and eerie. See the full post here.

9. Stony Sparkling Skull

Project via Carol and Randi @FrugElegance

Combine dishes and decor from the dollar store to make a sparkly, spooky pedestal light. See the full post here.

10. Bright Flower-Filled Pumpkins

Project via Heather @New House New Home

Don’t forget to wow ’em with colorful explosions of fall color, too! See the full post here.

11. Ghostly Centerpiece

Project via Nikki @Tikkido

These floating ghosts may be frightening but they have a sweet secret once you look past the veil. See the full post here.

12. Light Up Halloween Sign

Project via Bre @Average but Inspired

Shine it bright a big from your porch so that those trick-or-treaters know where to go! See the full post here.

13. Black Bird Invasion

Project via Chloe @Celebrate and Decorate

Cover your porch (and whole home) top to bottom in creepy crows staring through glassy black eyes. See the full post here.

14. Playful Pumpkin Lanterns

Project via Chandra @Hashtag Blessed

Make these bright pumpkin lights to avoid the mess of a real jack-o-lantern (but get the look). See the full post here.

15. Metallic Gourd Planters

Project via Bre @Brepurposed

Add a little chic to your creep, with these metallic pumpkin planters. See the full post here.

16. Stony Candy Bucket

Project via Holly @McCall Manor

A cheap plastic pumpkin can be a statuesque urn, with just a bit of paint. See the full post here.

17. Hanging Paper Jack-o-Lanterns

Project via Laura @Bright Bold & Beautiful

Put your ordinary chandelier to work, with a little bit of bold pumpkin bling! See the full post here.

18. Gauzy Mummy Lantern

Project via Sarah @Creative Ramblings

Wrap up a plain glass jar and add a little glow, for this easy, eerie design. See the full post here.

19. Polka Dot Pumpkin

Project via Mrs. Major Hoff @Major Hoff Takes a Wife

To give your look some lighthearted fun, add gold polka dotted wooden pumpkins. See the full post here.

20. Coffee Filter Candy Corn Ornament

Project via Kelly @Typically Simple

Dye a pack of coffee filters and turn them into the most iconic Halloween treat for your decor! See the full post here.

21. Poison Bottle Collection

Project via Adrienne @Chic California

Turn leftover wine bottles into totally convincing bottles full of poisons and potions. See the full post here.

22. Chalky Porch Topiary

Project via Lindsay @My Creative Days

Combine all your favorite fall pumpkin looks, in one towering topiary. See the full post here.

23. Lighted Ghost Garland

Project via Sarah @Home-ology

Turn a simple string of fairy lights into a ghostly greeting. See the full post here.

24. Mercury Glass Pumpkins

Project via Amy @Highstyle Restyle

Give your extra faux pumpkins this mercury glass treatment, and then stack them up into an impressive, silvery topiary. See the full post here.

25. Paper Mache Pumpkin Vase

Project via Borei @Borei Design

Use a plastic pumpkin as your mold for this pretty paper mache bowl, and fill it with flowers or candy! See the full post here.

26. Eerie Black Candles

Project via Anna @Annabode

Nothing says creepy like tall black candles slowly dripping wax. Set out a few of these and keep the lights low, for an instant eerie look. See the full post here.

27. Web-Wound Candelabra

Project via Kathe @Kathe with an E

Turn your heirloom pieces into haunted home decor, with some expert arranging (and spider webs!) See the full post here.

28. Framed Web Decor

Project via Shannon @Bohemian Junktion

Fill an old frame with this wonderfully webbed Halloween design. See the full post here.

29. Slithering Snake Filler

Project via Caitlin @Desert Domicile

Turns out, filling a votive with wriggling black snakes makes an ordinary votive truly terrifying. See the full post here.

30. Velvet Black Cats

Project via Christina @The DIY Mommy

This funny, fluffy take on the traditional pumpkin adds a bit more bad luck spook to your decor. See the full post here.

31. Skulls on a String

Project via Iris @Around the Watts House

Get this barbaric porch decoration by stringing together a couple plastic skulls and hanging them down your door. See the full post here.

32. Swarming Bat Mantel

Project via Emily @Our House Now a Home

The one thing your Halloween mantel really needs is a swarm of floating black bats, to darken your decor just a drop. See the full post here.

33. Chalkboard Pumpkin Menu

Project via Katie @Spray Paint & Chardonnay

Instead of a formal printed menu, share your line-up with your guests by writing it in chalk on a glossy black pumpkin. See the full post here.

34. Green Googly-Eyed Monster

Project via Elena @‘A Casarella

If you were searching for a super simple way to turn your door into Halloween decor, look no further! See the full post here.

35. Witch Hat Centerpiece

Project via Kelly @This Old Colonial Home

Turn last year’s costume witch hat into this year’s spooky centerpiece, with some easy fall details. See the full post here.

36. Hanging Skeleton Vase

Project via DeeDee @Clover House

Create dangly drama, with a few skeletons ringed around a vase or other glass container. See the full post here.

37. Spiderweb Runner

Project via Dusty @All Things G&D

Set a base for you Halloween table, with a DIY spiderweb runner, using a kitchen towel and a Sharpie. See the full post here.

38. Creepy Candle Holders

Project via Leslie @Puddy’s House

Wrap a few simple votives in creepy craft paper, to create instant eerie lighting for your home. See the full post here.

39. Cat on a Fence Candy Holder

Project via Mary @Front Porch Ideas and More

Turn a few wooden boards into a classic spook scene and the perfect place for trick-or-treaters to fill their candy bags. See the full post here.

40. Quick Concrete Tombstones

Project via Jenise @DIY Fun Ideas

Make these right at home, and add some extra thrill, with some concrete hands to pop out of the dirt with it. See the full post here.

41. Witch Hat Table Topper

Project via Kris @Driven by Decor

Add this pretty decor piece to any empty corner, with just a few easy steps. See the full post here.

42. Frankenstein Tipsy Topiary

Project via Janel @NellieBellie

Use those cheap Dollar Store pumpkins to make a tipsy tower of monstrous pumpkins! See the full post here.

43. Haunting Window Display

Project via Stephanie @Sandpaper & Glue

Send a spook to passers-by, with this knotted, leaning willow shining from your front windows. See the full post here.

44. Black Tulle Tied Wreath

Project via Lara @Overstuffed

Make a deep, dark door decoration using strips of black tool and a feathery crow from your local Dollar Store. See the full post here.

45. Ghostly Chalkboard Runner

Project via Elena @‘A Casarella

Customize your Halloween tablerunner by making it from chalkboard paper and drawing your own ghostly designs! See the full post here.

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