61 Year Old Man Oldest to Ever Play College Football


When Allen Moore enlisted to go to war in Vietnam in his freshman he thought that his dreams of being a college football player were over. Now 43 years later the 61 year old semi-retiree is getting another chance as a place kicker for Alabama’s Faulkner University Eagles. Though Moore is not the first “Old Man” to play college ball he is setting records as the oldest person to play football for a four year University.

In 1968 Moore was a place kicker for Jones Junior College in Ellisville, Miss. Rather than wait to be drafted he enlisted into the army and was shipped to Vietnam. Moore says, “They gave me a hard hat, an M-16 and sent me to the Central Highland.” When Moore got out of the military he married and went on to work construction for the next 30 years, leaving his dreams of college football behind him.

The first thing on Moore’s agenda was to find a pair of square toed kicking shoes. He found a pair and went on to beat out three soccer kickers for a spot on the team. Though straight kicking is a thing of the past in football Moore says, “I don’t think soccer should have any place in football.”

The 61 year old grandfather made the choice to live in the dorms though it was not required of him stating, “At this point in life it’s much more important that I have a positive influence on kids.” As far as school goes Moore plans on taking it one semester at a time. Unlike his team mates Moore has no real reason to take his education seriously and would rather spend time with his five grand kids.

Moore is setting records but he is not the first. In 2009 61 year old Tom Thompson was a place kicker for Austin College. Moore has him beat by just a few months in age. Both of them have a lot to aspire to given the fact that Ken Mink played a couple of basket ball games for Roane State Community College in Harriman, Tennessee at the ripe old age of 73.

No matter how you want to look at it Alan Moore should be an inspiration to everyone. One may think that a 61 year old playing college football is a gimmick at best, but for Alan Moore it is so much more than that. Alan Moore is a shining example of what someone can achieve if they never let go of their dream.

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