Brothers From Another Mother


   “A-list Edition”

 These A-list brothers from another mother aren’t content resting on their laurels. One currently stars in the new Harry potter flick while the other drinks too much and gets sick in his latest comedy hit.

Riding high as Lord Voldemont in latest“Harry Potter” flicks, Ralph Fiennes has come a long way since “Schindler’s List.” Fiennes recently wrapped production on “Coriolanus,” a film about a brandished hero from Rome out for revenge. Fiennes not only takes the lead role, he also directs the film based on William Shakespeare’s play.

Bradley Cooper has been very busy these last few years. In 2010, Cooper starred as Lt. “Faceman” Peck in the big screen adaptation of the “A-Team.” He is currently reprising his role as Phil Wenneck in the sequel to the 2009 hit-comedy “The Hangover,” where it is rumored former President Bill Clinton will make a cameo. When he is not working, Cooper likes to spend time with actress girlfriend,  Rene Zellweger.

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