A Look Inside Nike CEO Mark Parker’s Office [PHOTOS]


Easily one of the most powerful men amongst any mainstream industry, whether it be sports, entertainment, or simply business, Nike CEO Mark Parker undoubtedly lives a life of luxury, but contrary to what most would think, his work space obtains a much different feel than you would expect.

The powerhouse athletic brand’s leading man has chosen to fill his office with an array of collectibles, toys, and off-the-wall art. That’s right — no lavish self portraits or golden statues here, almost like a big kid — Parker’s designated, personal area is almost that of a museum, and an undeniably interesting one at that.

From images of rock legend Jimi Hendrix to the obvious Nike and Jordan memorabilia to the Kaws renderings — I mean, who wouldn’t love coming to do business surrounded by such wonderment, each day? I’m sure it keeps the creative juices ever-pumping as well as impresses (in an awkward sort of way) potential business partners who come to partake in the usual antics.

So the lesson in short — when you get to be one of the richest, most powerful men around — you can deck out your office space in whatever ridiculously cool, vibrant, off-the-wall decor that your little heart so desires. But until then, check out images of Nike CEO Mark Parker’s crazy cool work space.

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