Access Denied: MTV Bans Kanye West’s “Monster” Video


Now this is more like it. It has been quite some time since America’s favorite celebrity to love to hate has been subject to true, spotlighted scrutiny, but we all should have known that such innocence could not indeed last forever (or a few months for that matter) from the outlandish Mr. West. Although it has actually been nearing a year or so since Kanye West has really been ripped by any legitimate form of media due to self wrought or farse acts, MTV has broken the cease fire and put their foot down on the Grammy Award winner.

Upon the unveiling of his highly anticipated music video for hit single “Monster,” featuring his mentor Jay-Z, South Florida emcee Rick Ross, and hip-hop’s princess Nicki Minaj, immediately the aesthetics were subject to scrutiny, as per the norm with Kanye, he pushed the creative limits, obviously to the point of offense (pretty sure the guy still doesn’t care). And with a number of women’s organizations taking notice of the malintent directed towards females and their treatment, petitions have since been floating around in opposition of the footage.

It is the result of one such act, a petition from activists Sharon Haywood and Melinda Tankard that served as the straw that broke the back of Music Television (so to speak) as the network has now officially banned the airing of the music video.

“The mainstreaming of videos like this increases desensitized and callous attitudes toward violence against women,” said Reist, one of the campaign originators. “Young people are seeing images and absorbing harmful messages which glamorize misogyny and brutalize women. Women are reduced to sex-doll like playthings. So great is the level of desensitization that the barbaric treatment of women and girls is seen as normal and to be expected. We decided to run this campaign because we wanted to challenge the status quo.”

Shame, shame, Kanye. Although it is not at all likely that this banning will surface as even a blip on Ye’s radar, we can no longer say that Mr. “I now have my life together” is without re-emerged blemish. Back to doing you, sir.

And if you missed the video initially, have a look below before it is lost forever.

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