Adam Sandler Accompanied by Two Bustling Beauties in: Just Go With It


Big kid funny man Adam Sandler re assumes his position in front of the camera for a forthcoming romantic comedy, featuring two of the hottest women known to man, although dawning a decent range in their age difference (something for everyone, right?). Jennifer Aniston, accounting for quite possibly the most attractively classy, semi-middle aged women on earth, accompanied by young, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker, make for undoubtedly an amazingly difficult distraction in between takes. And yes, if you are unaware of just exactly who Brooklyn Decker is or more importantly what she looks like, smack yourself in the face with a hot towel right now.

Just Go With It” features a pathetic, yet oh so clever man (Adam Sandler) who craftily pretends to be married in order to have his way with younger, more attractive, single females. The sympathy card wins every time. But when he finally falls for a certain blonde bombshell (Brooklyn Decker), his go to plan of attack backfires and he is then forced to introduce his pretend “wife” to Decker in order for them to continue with their relationship.

The whole situation falls fate to the all too common snowball effect, as one lie begets another and so on and so forth, until we’re left with Sandler fake playing with kids and fighting with his soon to be ex wife (Jennifer Aniston), who is actually his co-worker.

With the movie set to release in February of 2011, the acting could (but doubt it will be) the worst thing since Vin Diesel, and I would still stand in line two, three, or even four times just to witness the two starlets in all of their beauty.

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