A&E Crime Show Sued For Claiming There Was Something Fishy Going On


We all know that crime is inevitable. We can only hope that in the midst of breaking the law, the gift of levity is bestowed upon us. Well, you’re in luck. The A&E Television Network, known for their crime case coverage, is being sued by a woman claiming the network wrongfully portrayed a “private” matter in a very “public” way.

According to a TMZ report, Marlorita Battle claims she was “minding her own business — visiting her hubby at the Riverbend State Prison in Tennessee — when, unbeknownst to her, a crew for the show, “The Squad: Prison Police” was secretly filming her.” The show later went on to accuse her of smuggling drugs to her husband via her vagina. Apparently, the A&E show claims it’s clear that Battle used the bathroom then returned to kiss her husband goodbye – which is where the exchange was made through “oral contact.”

Battle stated in her complaint, filed with the Tennessee District Court, that neither the show nor the network ever got her consent to broadcast her image or her driver’s license. Hollywood Reporter listed that Battle is suing A&E along with Wild Eyes Productions for defamation, false light, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and in turn demanding $375,000 in damages ($75,000 in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages) plus profits from the airing of the episode. Well, one thing is for sure, irrespective of what happened in the show, Battle certainly isn’t pussy-footing around now.

As of now, A&E wouldn’t comment on the pending litigation which tells me they are most likely in the early stages of having their high-powered attorneys pull some substances out of their own orifices.

Hollywood Reported goes on to write that, “the producers will likely defend themselves by saying they are echoing one man’s opinion of what happened.” This brings up an interesting point. Who’s to say where the line is drawn as to one person’s opinion versus defamation? The fact of the matter is, everybody is overly touchy and sensitive these days. And if you ask me, whether you want to believe it or not, stereotypes are in place because more often than not, they’re true. We have good ones and bad ones. Nobody seems to mind when their particular group has a positive stereotype attached to it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Weinstein complain that people assumed he was financially savvy. So, if that doesn’t bother you, don’t complain when people say you’re cheap. The truth in the matter was, a criminal pundit was commenting on a trend of women that deliver drugs to their husbands in prison. (Not to mention this guy is in the slammer on drug charges to begin with). So, how could anybody think there’s a possibility of this woman, who followed an observed pattern, delivering drugs to a known drug felon? Oh my lord, what were we thinking? I’m going to play the clairvoyant detective for a moment and say, Battle will lose this, well battle. Case closed.

(Image from TMZ)

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