Alec Baldwin Switching To Politics? NYC Mayor Chair In Mind


When it comes to being outspoken politically, actor Alec Baldwin is anything but silent. But does he have what it takes to actually be sworn in by the people of New York as mayor in 2017? Well, he seems to think so. Sure, he’s the big wig at 30 Rock, but can he take on a million more blocks?

Baldwin, who has always been politically progressive on his stances regarding gay marriage and the war in Iraq was also not shy in the past to express his lack of approval for Sarah Palin and disappointing critiques when current N.Y.C. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s overturned of the city’s term-limits law to extend his stay in office. He recently sat down with the New York Times to discuss his plan at hand.

During the interview, he mentioned sitting out in the 2013 race but reason being the 53-year old actor is in talks with “two universities about enrolling in a master’s program in politics and government.” This is to “better understand what the fiscal imperatives of the mayor’s job are.” Not to mention, his contractual acting duties on NBC’s “30 Rock” also precludes him from running during the next election. Although his current home address is listed as Amagansett, Long Island, it’s reported that he has indeed owned an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for two decades and plans to make the city his permanent address prior to race entry.

Baldwin went on in the interview to insist that, “Even though I’ve had a job which is a very, very interesting and unique job and there’s fame and there’s money and all this other nonsense that people equate it with, it’s a job, it’s work, and I think people in my business are very hard working people. But whatever I’ve accrued in my career, it hasn’t changed me as a person.” This motto would of course be a radical change from New York’s current mayor who is ostentatiously known as a billionaire who – for lack of a better term – purchased the election and subsequent reelections according to some the the borough’s inhabitants.

So what do you think? Can Alec “act” as well in this new potential role as successfully as his past performances or has the cushion of having a script gone to his head? Either way… irrespective of which way you lean, team-Baldwin or not, we see from his last comments with the Times that he’s definitely remaining realistic here: “I am someone who is fully prepared for the fact that I could go into this and do it and completely have my ass kicked. I could throw a party and no one could come. And it would be this staggering lesson for me.”

(Image from Reuters)

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