All-Star Game Halftime Show Trump Super Bowl’s? [VIDEO]


First off, let me disclose by expressing no disrespect to the Black Eyed Peas, but as most, if not virtually of you, would agree, this year’s Super Bowl halftime show down in Texas, was far less than stellar—quite frankly it was probably the worst I’ve witnessed in my mere 24 and 3/4 years of existence. I mean let’s face it, when Slash is the highlight of the performance, something just isn’t right (again, no shots).

And me myself with certain reservations regarding the majority of live performances from “mainstream” artists, due to the overall lack of sound quality and talent in general, I generally cringe at the sight of such a showing. Albeit I fully realize that it’s probably not the easiest thing to bounce around on stage like a maniac, jiving to and fro, and attempting to belt out a high note here and there, if it doesn’t work for ya, find another means. That is why when I began to witness last night’s NBA All-Star game halftime entertainment by pop diva, Rihanna, my mind immediately began to block the television out.

But much to my surprise, the usual off key vocals and deep breaths for all the world to hear, were in fact, few and far between, all the while maintaining great energy amidst the plethora of fans located within the packed Staples Center. And like most males out there, I was indeed a bit mesmerized by the aesthetics in regards to the Barbados bombshell, as well, she is quite the looker.

With surprise appearances by Young Money’s Drake and one of the greatest artists alive, Kanye West, the energy only went up from there, leaving the crowd grooving to the beat and biting their lower lip in gangster fashion. If we’re all fairly honest, I think we’d agree that it was indeed a very well performed event and much better than the feeble, Super Bowl attempt put forth just weeks prior. But don’t just take my word for it. Have a look for yourself, below, and let me know what you think. Was last night’s All-Star Game halftime show, in fact, better than the Super Bowl’s? I think you all know what my vote goes to.

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