Andrew Dice Clay Fires At Charlie Sheen HARDCORE! [VIDEO]


Alright, admittedly, the name Andrew Dice Clay is not the most topical reference today, but the popular dirty 90s chauvinist comedian had a few words in New York about former “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen. (And it wasn’t just a filthy nursery rhyme!)

A.D.C. thinks Charlie needs to clean up his f**king act big time. And this is coming from a guy who’s stand-up act is still probably one of the dirties on stage. He went on to say that most people on Twitter are laughing at him; not with him. He dumped on his choice to live with two porn stars claiming he’s only giving his wife ammunition in the divorce and child custody hearings. #Winning? NO! “He’s the biggest loser out there and nobody has the balls to say it!,” he said.

In an interview with AOL news, A.D.C. commented regarding Sheen saying, “He’s pissing on people like Phoenix and Belushi by saying they mixed the wrong formula and he does it right. You think you did? I’m telling you, your brain is fried!” A.D.C. also says he feels bad for Charlie’s dad, Martin Sheen. He went on to state, “Forget about being a rock star or a party animal. What about listening to your father who loves you? He’s just this little Malibu rich kid who got richer, but is that any excuse to go on TV and tell people to use drugs?”

You can check out the full video and hear it right from the bad-ass’ mouth himself below. And as for what’s next for A.D.C., “[he’s] reportedly is joining the cast of the HBO series ‘Entourage’ and thinks another TV gig may be perfect for him.” But can he fix Warner Brother’s problems? Maybe. “I never watched ‘Two and a Half Men’ before, but I recently saw a couple of episodes and had my people contact producer Chuck Lorre,” he said. “I could step right in there.”

That might work. I could see him say to Alan, “Jack be nimble… Jack be quick… Jack burned off his f**king d*ck!”