Android vs. iPhone: Who Do You App?


Do you have a smartphone? (I know… I know… compared to what? A dumb one? Listen, I don’t do the naming.) But, chances are you do have one. Recent studies show that one in two Americans will be using a smartphone by the end of 2011. Based on those numbers, I’m going to roll the dice, skip the back-story, and assume that even though statistically only half of you are using smart devices, nearly all of you know what a phone app is. If not, tap the guy next to you and begin with, “This is embarrassing, but…”

This whole phone application craze came about due to Apple’s creation of the iPhone. But, the competing giant market – brought to us by Google – has thousands of apps on the Android market. More often than not, it seems like when a new app hits the air waves, it’s designed for the iPhone first. Not this time! “Vevo’s collection of music videos has finally come to YouTube mobile — but only on Android phones,” says

The new VEVO app, like all great apps, is free. Hint, hint, software developers. The app couldn’t have come at a more opportune time either. The potential music market for consumers is huge. YouTube announced that 200 million videos are streamed on mobile devices now. That number doubled from just last July and tripled from one year ago. So, this is obviously something people like – wait, strike that – are obsessed with these days.

Now here’s how the VEVO app works., which ranked the app with 4 out of 5 bars, reviewed the functionality and ease of the app. “You can either watch the top 10 videos currently viewed, video premieres, newly released videos, or search by voice to find what you’re looking for in the more-than-25,000-music-video library that is the VEVO app.” And of course, like most apps, with the touch of a key, you have the ability to share the media with all of your social networks which have you believing that people actually care what you’re doing or enjoying at the moment.

The one downfall is the commercials that albeit are short, randomly pop up between videos. This is something we’re all just going to have to deal with. We have started to see a major influx of commercials online which I knew was just a matter of time. If Internet and mobile phone entertainment is the wave of the future, it was inevitable that proven money making advertising tactics would be implemented: Commercials. It’s amazing that this instant gratification style world we live in actually has us feeling like we don’t have 30 seconds to spare to hear about the new scrubby brush available at Walgreens before our nine and a half minute Lady Gaga music video loads.

Well kids, enjoy your new app. Between television, the radio, cell phones, the Internet, iPods, gym monitors, gas station screens, and elevators… I’m surprised there is ever a time we’re not hearing tunes. As for me, I’m going to go try to figure out what in the hell VEVO stands for.

(Image from Wired)

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