Angry Birds Reaches Half a Billion Downloads


So, how do you spend your bathroom visits? Too forward? My apologies. But chances are, if you own an iPhone, Android phone, or an iPad, you’re gaming away, playing the ever-popular Angry Birds.

The game’s developer, Rovio Entertainment, recently announced that the gaming phenomenon has reached its’ 500,000,000 download. This includes not only the original version, but also the spin offs, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Season. Impressive, nonetheless, as it all equates to roughly 300 minutes of daily use, worldwide. Yeah — that’s a lot of time spent gaming, kids. And people wonder why this current generation stays glued to the TV, computer, and gaming systems.

Just imagine if the developer would have charged even 99 cents per download. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Now let’s hit that Angry Birds theme park.

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