Another Ghostbusters With Ashton Kutcher Being Summoned?


Reports are in and they are doing anything but debunking rumors that Ashton Kutcher may in fact have a new leading role in “Ghostbusters 3.” Which – if I may jump ahead – begs one question: Will we be saying in Hollywood, “Who ya gonna call?” Ashton?

In what seems to be the opening of a bad “Punk’d” episode, director Ivan Reitman, who just finished using Kutcher in “No Strings Attached”, confirmed with the Huffington Post the possibility of Kutcher’s involvement albeit, “nothing you’ve read on the Internet is accurate and that Bill Murray hasn’t yet read the ‘Ghostbusters 3 script.” Of course, as any fan of the goo-busting goblin-zapping series knows, if Murray isn’t on board… it could mean the ghosts have won this round.

Being that Murray’s involvement at this time is looked at as a shoe in, Reitman says, “it’s good enough to do, to take the risk of doing again.” Now, since the release of the director’s last statement, Murray has indeed received the script and preliminary reports say he and his team are happy thus far.

The idea of Kutcher’s involvement is not so much due to his astounding acting ability – sorry Ashton, you know it’s true… but more so the inclusion of a younger high profile actor would serve to attract a younger viewer to the franchise. Wow! Imagine that! Directors and producers working together to increase the almighty dollar for themselves? For those of you that have fallen under the fallacious impression that anybody in this industry does it for the love of entertainment or the joy a movie can bring to the lives of the audience, you should probably put down the overpriced popcorn and dig your deeply wedged head out of your slime maker.

All in all, when it comes to the production schedule of this project, it’s seemingly once again falling in Bill’s court. Apparently, this Bill Murray character is not a “reader” to say the least. Reports keep coming in vacillating between the belief that actor claims that the script is good, to producer’s claiming Bill hasn’t even read the first 10 pages “to the best of their knowledge.” Really? I’m no reader either. And I’ll be honest, the thought of cuddling up with a book is less inviting than an all expenses paid vacation to Egypt… But if I were offered millions of dollars to run around like a goofy ass fighting imaginary creatures, I think I would read that script even if it meant turning down an invite to a Charlie Sheen soiree with Lindsay Lohan as my date! “Don’t embarrass me and take anything dear.”

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