Antoine Dodson and the Bed Intruder: The Full Story [VIDEOS]


This is certainly not breaking news and we are by no means the first to share this interesting story. Millions of people have seen the Antoine Dodson video that is circulating the internet amongst friends on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It fascinates me how quickly anything can go viral on the Internet. In this particular case, the power of the Internet and social media turned an unfortunate incident for Antoine Dodson and his family into a plethora of life changing opportunities. Mr. Dodson was recently seen on stage performing at the BET Awards. He now has his own Facebook Fan Page, T-Shirt Line and even a ring-tone!

For anyone who may have missed this phenomenon, here is a series of different videos in chronological order that will bring you up to speed. Enjoy!

1. The first video is a real news broadcast from NBC affiliate WAFF-48 News in Huntsville Alabama. It depicts a man (Antoine Dodson) angrily speaking towards an unknown suspect who climbed in his window and tried to sexually assault his sister in her sleep. Although it’s not a laughing matter, you’ll see why it was picked up quick and shared amongst millions on the web:

2. This next video is an auto-tuned song called “Bed Intruder” made after the Dodson family’s (funny) newscast broke on the Internet.

3. Due to his new found success, Antoine Dodson is asked to perform at the 2010 BET Awards and sing his latest hit, “Bed Intruder” live. Notice how people in the audience know the words and sing along!

4. Antoine Dodson’s new commercial for a “Sex Offender Tracker” iPhone & Droid application. “Are you still hiding your kids, hiding your wives and hiding your husbands???”

5. Comedian and celebrity Dane Cook does his own acoustic version of “Bed Intruder.” Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s nearly as good:

6. The last video is a follow-up story done by WAFF-48 news which discusses Dodson’s feelings on being an overnight YouTube sensation.

Now that I think about it, I should be Antoine Dodson for Halloween! Now you can run and tell that!…..homeboy!

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