Apple Notched as World’s Most Valuable Brand


It was only a matter of time. You know — before Apple’s worldwide takeover was complete. Now officially atop the list of the world’s most valuable brands, one can only predict that Steve Jobs and crew will continue pressing onward and upward. Ousting semi-fellow competitor Microsoft as well as the juggernaut, Google, as of 2010 Apple is the most valuable consumer-facing brand, period.

While their value jumped a monumental 84% ($153.3 billion to put a dollar on it), Google’s value went the other way as it declined by 2%. Can you say — thank you iPad and iPhone 4? And don’t look now, but the iPhone 5 hits in just a few months and yes, the iPad 2 is still cranking out as we speak.

But as Google ranks second in value, IMB, McDonalds, and Microsoft round out the top five list of powerhouses. Not bad company, eh? Man do people love their McBurgers?

Facebook continues to impress by leaps and bounds as it accounts for the greatest, marginal jump as Zuckerberg and company raised their stock 246%. Thank you “The Social Network.”

Other than those few key notes, most of the names presented in the top 50 list come at least as semi-expected. A few companies are present that some of you may have never heard of, but remember, this is a worldwide listing. See below to check out the grid in full. Here’s to next year! My bet stays on Apple.

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