Are You in the Market for a $100,000 TV?


In 2006, Panasonic unveiled one of the more jaw dropping modern marvels, both in the sense of fascination and expense, in a 103 inch plasma TV. Quite frankly, I’m thinking this is where the idea stemmed in Jerry Jones’ head. You know, Cowboys owner, huge screen in his stadium? Anyhow, at its release, the home theater viewing box retailed for a measly $71,000, but you know, as technology goes, so do imaginations and price ranges.

Here we are four years later and Panasonic has seemingly one upped themselves in manufacturing the same dimensions into a 3D model in the TH-P103MT2. That’s right, high definition at its finest. I mean really, you’ll never need to worry about purchasing events tickets ever again, let alone head out to the movie theater. But good luck getting that bad boy into your home (although if you can afford such, you probably own a small city in which your palace is located) because it weighs roughly 707 pounds. Yeah honey, just let the movers get it.

However I’m thinking after snagging such a piece of equipment, you might as well set up an appointment at your nearest optometrist because you will undoubteldy experience blurred vision, followed by cataracts, and eventual blindness. Oh the price we pay for bigger and better. Nonetheless, if you are still sold on this gigantor of a boob tube, hit me up. I know a guy that knows a guy. Black market deals are cool with you, right?

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