Ariz. Man Shoved Snakes Down His Pants [Video]


MESA, Ariz. “Trouser Snake” – An Arizona man is under arrest after security cameras from a reptile center captured him stealing live snakes by shoving them down the front his pants.

Mesa Police said footage from the Predator’s Reptile Center showed 22-year-old Eric Fiegel shoving baby albino boa constrictors down his pants before exiting the store on July 30, The Arizona Republic reported Thursday.

If that wasn’t bad enough, police said Fiegel returned to the store later that evening and left with two more snakes down his pants.

Store owner Christian Kaleta says, “Just opened the cage, grabbed them, put them in his pants, hung around for a couple of minutes, and walked out the door. It wasn’t in his boxer briefs or anything, it was in his cargo, I mean, they were long shorts.”

According to investigators, Fiegel allegedly took the stolen snakes to another pet store where he traded them for $175 and a reptile tank worth $175.

Fiegel was apprehended on Tuesday after a witness copied his license plate number and turned it over to the Mesa Police.

Fiegel was later positively identified from a police lineup by two witnesses and also from the surveillance footage that showed him placing the snakes in his pants, according to a police report.

The snakes were rare albino boa snakes worth about $800 each.

It was unclear Wednesday whether Fiegel has a lawyer, or if he remained in jail. What is clear is Fiegel’s level of stupidity and lack of thought he put into his crime.

The fact that he wore shorts instead of pants during the commission of his crime speaks volumes about his level of commitment to the theft. Perhaps he should count himself lucky that the boa didn’t strangle his trouser snake.  Only a moron would steal a bunch of snakes by shoving them down his pants.

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