Arizona Man Had Garden Shears Six Inches In Eye


PHOENIX, Arizona ~(Huffington Post)~ On a pleasant Green Valley afternoon 86 year Leroy Luetscher was trimming the plants in his backyard as he had done countless times before.  The next thing he remembers is feeling his pruning shears sticking out of his face, flowing blood and the most pain he has ever felt.

When Luetscher fell face first the pruning shears lodged themselves handle first in to his right eye socket.  In an interview with the The Associated Press “I didn’t know if my eyeball was still there or what…the pain was so bad that I guess I wasn’t afraid to die.”

Luetscher didn’t die, he managed to hinder the bleeding with his t-shirt and call his longtime live-in girlfriend for help.

Doctors were able to remove the gardening tool and rebuild a bone in Luetcher’s eye socket.  “He was very lucky that it missed all vital structure and we were basically able to put him back together,” said Dr. Lynn Polonski.

Surgeons at University Medical Center in Tucson took scans of Luetcher’s head and found that the shears and buried themselves 6 inches in his head and down to his throat, standing right next to his carotid artery.  “You know, if it went a little bit in a different direction, it basically would have killed him or he could have had a stroke,” Polonski said.

Amazingly, following a number of incisions in the upper lip and sinus wall, the removal of the shears and the reconstruction of his orbital floor with titanium, Luetscher walked away with little more than a swollen eye and double vision.

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