Arnold Schwarzenegger Retires: “I’ll Be Back!”


Arnold Schwarzenegger officially retired yesterday, January 3, 2011, from his office as Governor of California. He came to the US at age 21 from Austria and had a seemingly easy rise to achieve the “American Dream”, something most of us natives will never do. He came as Mr. Universe and became Mr. California.

Schwarzenegger held the office of Governor for the largest territory in the US for seven years, having the passion to do so. But it would appear that passion has faded. The former actor had such great success at the box office and in his marriage to Kennedy dynasty family member Maria Shriver that he refused a salary during much of his time in office.

Before we jump to conclusions that he will run for president and follow the steps of former actor/president Ronald Reagan, the word in the rumor mill is that Schwarzenegger will be assisting President Barack Obama with environmental activities.

One of his best quotes while being interviewed was, “I have always believed, do not ever do things just for the sake of money, but always doing something because we are happy to do it.”

Perhaps this is the best way of achieving the dream. It has worked for him, and seems it will continue to do so. Certainly he will continue to be in the spotlight whatever line of work he engages in. We all know, “He’ll be back!”

Roll on California, you great state. Rise to your feet and brush off the dirt. Tomorrow is only a day away.

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