Asher Roth Video From Palms Place And Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Those of you at PURE Nightclub last Tuesday would have caught performances by Kid Cudi and Asher Roth, as well as appearances by Travis Barker and Paul Wall. Asher Roth, who’s quickly gaining recognition for his new hit single “I Love College,” was staying at Palms Place and had his buddies filming his short, yet very fun, visit to Las Vegas and wild performance at PURE Nightclub.

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  1. Well instead of adding a revision to this post i decided to just post a reply. So after this killer performance on Tuesday by Asher Roth, some of the crew from My Vegas Scene decided after our typical UFC bash at the house to play flip cup that was inspired by Asher’s video “I Love College”. Well we will let everyone guess how the night ended up but boy did i feel like i was back in college with the neighbors complaining and all the crazy antics of people on cell phones in the street and much much more. I guess we need to learn that Flip Cup is not to be played with Jack Daniels. Asher please make sure that you inform your readers not to play flip cup or jack pong without parental supervision. All in all we had a wonderful time and nobody went to jail.

    So now im out on the hunt to find out where i can buy the full Asher Roth CD to see what other tracks will inspire us to do even crazier antics.

    To Be Continued….

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