Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber to Co-Star in Flick


Surprised that the teenage ruler of the world has yet to star in his own big-screen extravaganza (like, actual acting)? Yeah, me too, but every 16-year-old (okay, 25 and under) girl’s thirst may soon be quenched, as Justin Bieber and Valentine’s Day co-star Ashton Kutcher are reportedly being cast to play in Sony’s What Would Kenny Do?.

The Chris Baldi script has recently been redone by the (500) Days of Summer duo of Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, in which Bieber’s character will portray the 17-year-old version of Kutcher’s 30-year-old character. Kutcher’s role is to guide little Bieber through the trials and tribulations of adolescence (ie, high school). Mind you, the Punk’d host’s character is a mere hologram. Odd, I thought so too? Sounds like some Disney type stuff if you ask me. But the big time international company is already gearing to get the party started some time in 2012. Here’s to all you Beliebers out there.

But speaking of Kutcher’s former MTV enlisted prank show, rumor has it that the powers-at-be have questioned JB in regards to possibly reviving the show, geared at a slightly younger, more female audience. How creative, huh?

Seems that if you’re resorting to reincarnating a moderately successful “reality TV show,” that your ship is near sunk before it has even set sail. But don’t let my nonsensical critique sway you from viewing. If you dig Bieber as much as the next teenybopper, by all means, watch and support away (on both accounts). Nonetheless, look for the pair to make their co-starring debut (alongside one another) sometime during 2012-2013.

And oh yeah, Mr. Demi Moore and the Biebs do bear a striking resemblance, don’t they?

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