Ass For Cash For Gas


Deputies questioned the driver, William Boger, 31,  was pulled over while driving on Lane Parkway in Salisbury, North Caroline and was asked about what he was doing. Deputies were suspicious of the car since it was around 2:30 in the morning and there are no homes or open businesses on Lane Parkway at that time.  After questioning Boger, he told them that he’d dropped his girlfriend off, Christoper “Christy” Mae Riddle, 33, so she could meet someone to exchange ‘sexual favors’ for enough money to buy the couple gas in order to get back to their home in Advance, North Carolina.

Deputies then began searching for Riddle, who was then found a short time later under the Peeler Road bridge on Interstate 85. After questioning Riddle, she told deputies that she was meeting “a trucker named John,” for sex in exchange for money.  She told deputies she had met the same man a week earlier for a similar transaction.

Riddle and Boger were both charged; Riddle for loitering for prostitution, Boger for loitering to aid an abet prostitution.  Both were released on criminal citations. Boger told deputies that the couple had been in Charlotte looking for work, and that they had been robbed of their cash and credit cards and were running low on gas on the trip back home.

Authorities say Riddle lived in Rowan County at one time where  she had some past criminal charges, including failure to appear and probation violation.

Hard times and high prices make for desperate measures I suppose…

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