Avenged Sevenfold at The Joint Las Vegas


This is My Curse

A group that won the Las Vegas X-107.5 Extreme Radio battle of the bands that has been running the past few months. In my first opinion of this group I’m not a big fan or maybe its not my style, maybe the audio is just all out of wack being it’s the first song of the night. Female lead singer “Keely” and husband “Hated Blaze”, Bass player Corey that is an amazing left handed player. The first song they played was horrible in my view but got better as they progressed, as I guess with any band that is new to headline such a show as A7X.

The Black Pacific

Starts out normal and all black until they are setup and then blow it out the park with 8 great songs. The lead singer even grabs a camera and takes photos of the crowd for a photog up front by security. Soon out they start jamming out to “hey ho.. let’s go..”  and “feliz navidad” the Christmas track, amazing to see them start that off and get the pit started for the night with a packed house at The Rogue Joint in Las Vegas.

Big B with Scott Russo.

Performing an awesome set like normal but to a different crowd as he is considered the “High Class, White Trash” show. You can never go wrong with a little Big B thrown into the mixx.. And then he goes all out and brings in Scott Russo from Unwritten Law to perform the new hit single “Sinner” then to top it all off with “Hooligan” as we said before another great set list for the White Trash Master Big B!!

Avenged Sevenfold

As smoke fills the stage and the guys prep up the lead guitars and get the crowd pumped up for what is to be the last show of the year for Avenged Sevenfold or as we saw it throughout the night on the Verizon Wireless SMS board “A7X” as for the ones that aren’t aware you can preview the video below to recap yourself on the tracks that Avenged has to wrap under there belt as a wide known main stream group. Loyal fans from Iowa all the way from the bay came just to see them perform such tracks as “Nightmare” and “Seize the Day”

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