Best Way To Avoid Lines at Las Vegas Nightclubs


One of the best ways to avoid a line at a Las Vegas Nightclub would be to make arrangements before you arrive. Yes, it’s that simple.

Skipping The Line in Las Vegas

Ladies: In most cases, ladies or groups of girls will always be able to get on a guest list as long as you make these arrangements before the venues stop taking guest list requests, which is usually around 5pm or 6pm the day of. Guest list requests can be submitted to any concierge at any major property, any VIP host, nightclub promoter, or even by calling the Nightclub directly. Remember, the actual guest list usually closes by Midnight, so if you are on the list and show up after 12:00am, you’re probably out of luck.

Gentleman: The same goes for you, but not all venues will allow guys on the guest list. Most won’t! With that said, the best way for you to avoid a line is to either buy Bottle Service and a VIP table, go with someone who knows someone at the door, or be prepared to discretely hand the doorman at least $20 per head – for each guy in your group. That’s minimum! Either way, like the girls, you want to make pre-arrangements and have this all setup before you arrive. Maybe get a hold of a host, let him know how many guys are in your group, and let them know that you’ll take care of them if they can walk your group in.

You’ll probably get a ton of VIP passes while walking from point A to point B inside or outside of the casino. Most of these are legit. It’s the Nightclub’s way to get more people into their venue. Be sure to collect them, they may come in handy. Lastly, you can always get on the guest list through My Vegas Scene! Just make sure to send in your request before 6pm!

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