Avril Lavigne, Jamie Foxx and Matthew McConaughey at LAVO and TAO


Early yesterday morning, Avril Lavigne started off her day with a cabana at the recently opened TAO Beach. She was joined by a group of friends and a handful of Grey Goose cocktails to get the beautiful day started and was seen putting on fake TAO Beach tattoos to compliment her real ones. Later on in the evening, the crew returned for the second night in a row to have dinner at LAVO then headed up to their VIP table at the nightclub.

Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Miller at TAO Nightclub Las Vegas
Photo by Al Powers

For the 4th consecutive night in a row, it was celebrity central at TAO Nightclub. After ACM, the celebrity flood gates opened and the stars started to arrive.

First – Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves showed up. Next, it was Victoria’s Secret supermodel Marisa Miller, looking stunning, as usual, with her husband and a few friends. They joined Matthew McConaughey and Camila for dinner, after having all just met at the ACM awards.

Last to arrive at TAO was Jamie Foxx, who is particularly famous in the hip hop and R&B world right now. The Academy Award winner came with a large entourage of family and friends. They sat just across from Matthew’s group and at one point, Jamie Foxx made sure he stopped to say hello.

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