Babe Watch: Kim Kardashian Tops Bings Most Popular Searches of 2010


The early results are in, and in a bit of a surprise, reality TV superstar, Kim Kardashian leads the way as Bing’s top search of the past year (2010). Nevermind the fact that we still have one month to go for the 365 day period. The newly popularized search engine merely attempts to get a leg up on its competitors (Yahoo and Google), who are said to have their lists ready to release soon. Now on to the bombshell:

Yes of course, Kim is hot and she certainly has expanded her empire over the past couple years, not simply limiting her popularity to sub-par television appearances, but it is still somewhat of a shock seeing as seven other celebrities are featured on the top ten list, and many of them were subject to higher watched and covered scandals or events.

What am I saying here though? Sex always has and always will, sell, right? A beautiful female face has the power to rule the world, I always say. So props to the Armenian princess as she is deservedly searched by many a teenage boy (okay and men alike). It will be interesting to see how she fares amongst the more popular search engines, as I anticipated she will still remain right on up there.

See Bing’s entire top ten most searched objects of 2010 below:

Kim Kardashian
Sandra Bullock
Tiger Woods
Lady Gaga
Barack Obama
Kate Gosselin
Justin Bieber

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