Baby Boozin’: Toddler Served Alcohol at Applebees [VIDEO]


Remember when your overbearing parents finally broke down and let you experience your first taste of alcohol? Well, chances are you weren’t still in Huggies at the time. And while this featured incident, taking place at a local Oak Park, Detroit Applebees, wasn’t due to parental allowance, this kid may have a long-life of partying ahead of him — initiated during the toddler years.

While the family was all nestled in, prepped and ready to “eat good in the neighborhood,” after their child was served his kid’s meal, they noticed some strange behavior — yes, even more awkward than the accustomed antics, characteristic of a child that age. When the mother witnessed her toddler saying “hi” and “bye” to the walls, she knew something was up and further investigated the situation.

After finding out that her precious baby had a blood-alcohol level of .10 (wow), it was found out that the child was mistakenly served a margarita via sippy cup. Yeah, I’m sure you’ve all tried to sneak that into the club once or twice.

The toddler was appropriately taken to the hospital and underwent the typical (do they have that for this situation?) tests and treatment, and thus was fine. But the seed has no doubt been planted, leading straight toward a long life of boozin’ and debauchery (I kid, I kid).

It has yet to be determined what will happen to the Applebees in question, but one thing’s for certain, they can expect an overabundance of under-age kids, attempting to snag a brew.


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