Banning Flavored Milk Instead of Making Real Changes


Tuesday June 14- The LA Unified school district banned flavored milk in LA schools. This decision was met after the verbose and arrogant celebrity chef Jamie Oliver chastised the school district for service strawberry and chocolate flavored milk. Oliver’s claim was that these beverages had a sugar equivalent to most popular candy bars. However, he didn’t seem to mention that the sugar along with the milk protein and calcium is digested in a completely different way, than a candy bar would be.

Apparently, Superintendent John Deasy had so much time on his hands and no other important issues in his school district to attend to that it left him plenty of time to create and push this proposal. How wonderful that all the gang activity, school violence, lack of appropriate materials, and drug problems are a thing of the past in the LA school district allow time, energy and money to be spent on something as crucial as flavored milk. Was the sarcasm in the earlier sentence obvious? Well, it should be.

Childhood obesity is an issue in this country, but it is hardly something that should be taking up time, money and energy in the school system. Have educators fallen to the TV philosophies and popular ideas? Are they so far removed from what school is truly for that they not only wanted to keep the status quo, but beg for popularity? What kind of message does that send to the children whom they are in charge of educating and sending out into the world? Clearly, it isn’t a very good message at all.

This is a superficial waste of time, and opposed by board member Tamar Galatzan, who stated, “I really don’t understand why we’re letting a TV chef dictate our policy.”  She continued to bring up valid points that getting children to drink milk is more important than banning things simply because a TV personality spouts what he needs to in order to keep his ratings going. There is no true concern in people who ban things publicly; there is only arrogance and hypocrisy.

As a mother I, would rather my son drink chocolate milk and go to a safe, well-run school where the educators fight to keep art, literature and music in the curriculum rather than media brainwashed educators and politicians whose number one concern is taking candy from babies.

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