Barbie May Be A Bad Girl After All. But A Killer?


Ever since we’ve had free will, people have been pointing fingers and accusing their fellow man of some exorbitantly ridiculous scandals and transgressions. Be it a blatant violation of the law or breaching our socially accepted moral codes, it most likely is directed at a living group of people. But not this time.

Greenpeace (insert your forced surprised face here) has accused the Barbie doll of being a serial killer! That’s right… the group is calling an inanimate object – and arguably the most famous doll in the world – a killer. Why? Well, it’s a stretch… but here is the organization’s reasoning.

In a report released by AOL News, “the 52-year-old fashion icon immortalized in plastic by Mattel, Inc., is involved in rainforest destruction in Indonesia.” Bustar Maitar – who is the head of Greenpeace’s campaign to save the forests in Indonesia – stated “Barbie is trashing rainforests and pushing critically endangered wildlife, like tigers, towards extinction. This is happening because Barbie’s packaging comes from the rainforests of Indonesia, home to species like the Sumatran tiger.”

Okay? I have a quick solution. How about next year Mattel launches ‘Rainforest Barbie.’ Instead of a pink Corvette, she can ride one of these lovely tigers. There you go. Win, win.
In response to Greenpeace’s accusations, Mattel released the following statement: “Playing responsibly has long been an important part of Mattel’s business practices. … Over the past months we have been in communication with Greenpeace on a variety of paper sourcing issues. We are surprised and disappointed that they have taken this inflammatory approach.”

This has not been an easy allocation for the company to absorb. In fact, on Tuesday, activists who’s support lies with Greenpeace dressed up as Ken dolls and protested at Mattel headquarters located in El Segundo, California by hanging a giant “2500sq. ft. banner that read: ‘Barbie, it’s over. I don’t date girls that are into deforestation.’ ” Adorable.

As of now, there are no major upcoming changes reported, yet the Mattel company said as they move forward they will “continue to assess our paper sourcing and packaging improvements.”

Still no word on Greenpeace’s other allegation that G.I. Joe is a rapist.

(Images from AOL; Reuters)

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