Beastie Boys Film to be Unveiled at Sundance


Accounting for one of the more iconic musical acts transitioning between the 80’s and 90’s, innovative white boy hip-rock group, Beastie Boys, love ’em or hate ’em, were all over the radio airwaves for much of a decade. Garnering such head sticking hits as “Sabotage,” “Intergalactic,” “Girls,” “Brass Monkey,” and quite possibly their most noteworthy, “Fight for Your Right (To Party),” the dynamic trio undoubtedly breathed a breath of fresh air into an over-saturated musical state of pop boredom.

With the overwhelming response and success to the aforementioned “Fight for Your Right (To Party)” record, Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch has set out to tell the story, via short film, surrounding the even now crazed track and the process behind the coinciding music video. If that doesn’t have your interest at least moderately peaked, the chosen cast for the featured short should leave you nothing short of intrigued. Summoned to mock the audio trifecta have been Seth Rogan, Elijah Wood, and Danny McBride. Awkwardly interesting, huh?

Also rumored to make appearances throughout the piece are Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Jack Black. All I can say is the guys must have really liked them some Beastie Boys because that is not too shabby in accordance to a mere Sundance enlisted short.

Speaking of, the Fight for Your Right Revisited entitled cinematic adventure is set to premiere at the illustrious Sundance Film Festival, which is held just next month. The festival showcases a number of independent projects, followed by the naming of its top award.

Now will the Beastie Boys dedicated piece be worthy of such an accomplishment? Most probably scoff at the mere mention, but one thing is for sure, you and I will be talking about it just as we are now – just as they have managed to stay relevant for over a decade now.

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