Bill Clinton to Appear in Hangover 2


It would appear that the two most recent former presidents in George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been simultaneously busy this past year, the first in completing and now promoting his forthcoming, published memoirs and the latter in making a cameo appearance in one of the most highly anticipated comedy sequels in recent memory. That’s right, ole Billy boy has just filmed his Hollywood debuted role for the heralded film, in Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend. Only a slight difference in what his predecessor has been up to, huh?

Now when you think about President Clinton, his reputation, and the whole ordeal that went down while in office (what’s up Monica?), the theme and message of the “Hangover” provide for almost a perfect fit between the two. Maybe it’s just my rationalization running a muck, but it makes sense to me. I could actually envision Zach Galifianakis and Billy chumming it up at a slummy Irish Pub, throwing back a few and hitting on younger, moderately attractive females. Again, maybe it’s just me.

Nonetheless, with Mel Gibson out of the way, maybe that’s what opened up the slot and cash money for the politician turned actor (?), although yes, Liam Neeson did technically take Gibson’s role. Too much controversy these days, but doesn’t that make for revenue? Now I’m incessantly digressing, but anxiously awaiting seeing Bill Clinton, what I would predict, act in his own, monotone portrayal for the upcoming Hollywood flick. “Hangover 2” in theaters May 26th.

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