Bite Worse Than Bark: Dog Bites Shark [VIDEO]


We’re all accustomed to seeing-eye-dogs, as well as K-9 sheep or cattle herders, even. But pooches that wrangle dolphins? That’s a new one for us.

The furry friends shown in the footage below evidently love to get down and dirty with the beasts of the sea. After reading the heading, you’re probably think that we have the roles reversed, as was the thought when we initially caught a glimpse. But this time, the dog did not bite off more than he could chew.

As it seems the pair of K-9s are rounding up a gang of sharks (yes, real, live sharks), one pup goes under water, much to the Australian narrator’s astonishment, and then evidently took a bite at one of the sharks. From the distance and angle of the camera, it appears that the giant fish did not retaliate whatsoever. So who knows — maybe it was just a friendly, “hey, move along now.”

One thing is for certain however, the Aussie onlookers didn’t appear to be too worried about their pets as they went head to head with the ferocious ocean-dwellers. I just want to see one ride a shark next time. Too much?

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