Black Bear Diner Las Vegas on Tropicana Avenue


A “French Dip” with a side of fries was my meal of choice after returning to the Black Bear Diner on 6180 W. Tropicana Avenue for the second time this year.

Black Bear Diner Las Vegas

From my experience so far, I think Black Bear is the perfect place for us Las Vegas locals to grab a quick bite or dine with friends and family. When you walk in, you can’t help but notice the abundance of stuffed-animal bears everywhere. From the bears sitting on the counter to the bears that line the shelves around the restaurant, I mean it literally when I say there are bears everywhere! To add to the cozy “family style” atmosphere there was an old school Juke Box providing the tunes over lunch.

The highlight of the diner was its creativity with it’s menu display. The menu was actually a newspaper that was sitting on the table when I arrived. It was a recreated paper from 1935 with ads that read things like, “For Rent: modern 3-room house, electric, refrigeration and garage. $25 per month.” There was also a Pontiac advertisement, selling this “brand new” vehicle for only $615. Amazing. Once you opened up the newspaper, what appeared to be more ads was actually the dining menu. Between the breakfast, lunch and dinner that they offer, your choices certainly weren’t limited.

“We’re dedicated to providing the very best food and service anywhere. You’ll enjoy delicious family meals, perfect burgers, frosty shakes and healthful salads. We’ll treat you like we invited you over for dinner!” This statement pulled from their website, Amazingly, this restaurant chain has properties in Nevada, California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington and Colorado. That has to say something, no?

If you’re looking for a quiet, chill spot to grab a bite with an old-school “homelike” feel, then check out the Black Bear Diner at 6180 W. Flamingo here in Las Vegas. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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