Bling Bling: Diamond Encrusted iPad Selling for $8 Million


The average iPad 2 retails for roughly $500. So why is a certain UK-based luxury goods company hawking this particular gadget for a whopping $8 million? Well, for starters, the innovative tech is encrusted with a 12.5 carat diamond on the home button and also highlights 53 gems on the Apple logo, on the reverse side. Still not buying it?

Well, the entire back side of the iPad is comprised of two kilos of 24 carat gold and the front side welcomes a composition made out of the oldest rock on the planet, ammolite. Oh — and did I forget to mention that shavings form a T-Rex thigh bone (yes, like the dinosaur) have also been implemented? So let’s just say, that there is certainly more than a few typical metals which account for the average Apple makeup.

So while we here in the good ole US of A still suffer from a prolonged recession, the folks across the pond might not be so bad off. But then again, I could easily see someone such as Birdman, purchasing this ridiculous piece. Those rappers guys do like their toys.

I wonder what Apple thinks about all this.

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