Born Without an Anus:Surgery Gives Chinese Farmer Relief after 55-Years


JIAYU COUNTY, China —- A Chinese Farmer from the Hubei Province was given an artificial anus earlier this year after a congenital abnormality left him without an anus for 55-years.

The farmer, simply listed as Wu, is said to be in good spirits and doing well following his January surgery at the Wuhan Union Hospital in central China.

Prior to the surgery, Wu endured a tiny 0.5-centimeter diameter surgical stomas or hole in order to relieve himself. In an effort not to gross out some readers, we will omit some of the gruesome details involved with the stomas. Those with stronger constitutions can look it up on the net for themselves.

Wu told the Chinese media that he had to pay attention to the foods he ate in order to avoid constipation, which could have killed him and as a result often used laxatives.

The abnormality known as congenital anal atresia has not slowed down the 55-year-old farmer who despite being thin, is married with children.

Wu said his decision to go ahead with the procedure was based on his current financial situation, which had improved over the last year.

Dr. Li Zhibiao who examined Wu late last year said the operation was a success, and Wu can excrete like normal people.

In the end, Wu’s is leading a normal life, no longer the butt of cruel jokes, Wu can now pass gas without it sounding like a squeaky balloon losing air.

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