How Bottle Service in Las Vegas Can Affect Your Nightlife Experience


Bottle service is a great way to spend your night in a Las Vegas Nightclub. Though it’s a bit expensive, I’d definitely say it’s worth it. For any of you who’ve been to a Las Vegas Nightclub, you know that you cannot sit down if you haven’t purchased a table. For me, that’s reason enough to go VIP.

Bottle Service in Las Vegas

When you buy a table, you’re buying a private sitting area for you and your party. With the table comes a private cocktail server, who will help you avoid the long, crowded lines at the bar and personally make your drinks for you. In most cases, you’ll have a private security officer guarding your section – and the best part is that you’re away from the crowd. Having a table allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy your cocktails while you watch everyone else cram together on the dance floor and spill drinks on one-another.

When you make the decision to go VIP, you should either go directly to the Nightclub or one of their hosts or representatives to reserve your table (or a trusted site like My Vegas Scene, of course). Sure there are a lot of independent hosts out there that may be able to offer you a good deal, but there are also a lot of scam artists out there too. Keep an eye out for that, this is Las Vegas after all.

Bottle / VIP Service in Las Vegas usually starts at $375.00 per bottle. There is usually a bottle minimum per 4-6 people in your group. So if you have more than four people, in some nightclubs you are required to purchase a second bottle. If you have more than 8 people, then it would be a three bottle minimum, and so on. One way to avoid this would be to walk in with a group of four, and have your buddies meet you inside.

A couple random things to know:

You want to arrive at the club and check in for your table no later than 10pm-11pm. If you show up after Midnight thinking that you have a table, you could be in for a big surprise. A venue will not wait for you on good faith when there are cash-paying guests in front of them that want to purchase your table!

Always, always, always collect money from your group up front! Factor in a 20% gratuity, so when it’s time, you can settle your bill and be done with it. After finishing a bottle people tend to want to order more, which could lead to an ugly situation when you’re handed a bill for over $1,000 and you can’t find any of your drunk friends! Trust me, it happens all the time!

When you order a bottle you get your choice of mixers. Red Bull is not free! As a matter of fact, they can run you as much as $5-$7 per can. Please remember this before drinking 10+ cans at your table and adding another $100 to your bill. My recommendation would be to stick with the Orange Juice, Cranberry or Soda.

Now that you’ve got the basics to bottle service down, go out and enjoy it. Before you do, you may want to read up on our Las Vegas Tipping Guide to ensure once you leave the club, you’re welcomed back! Enjoy!

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