BREAKING NEWS: Prive Nightclub Las Vegas Is Back in Business


As you know, Prive Nightclub’s Las Vegas has recently been in some hot water concerning some of the business operations and practices taking place inside the nightclub. After they were demanded to cease business operations, their application for a liquor licenses to re-instate was denied – breaking news in the Las Vegas Nightlife Entertainment Industry.

Prive Nightclub Las Vegas Reopens for Business

This morning, the Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board heard the appeal submitted by Prive Las Vegas LLC., and I’m so happy to report that Prive Nightclub is back in business! Sort of….

Here’s what happened today:

The hearing lasted for over an hour. To everyone’s surprise, there was no representative from Planet Hollywood present – which didn’t sit too well with the commissioner or the board. They spoke of new ownership for the nightclub and the dismissal of the last three owners – including Just Levine (28 year old managing partner) who they say now has absolutely no ties with Prive Las Vegas or Miami.

There will be some strict rules, regulations and monitoring over the next year or so – should the venue be able to open again full time. For now, Prive Las Vegas is allowed to reopen on a temporary 30 day basis.

Bringing in new management – Prive Las Vegas assures that some of the things that happened in the past will not happen again. Going forward, they will now be in a collaborative relationship with gaming control board as well as Metro police and other authorities. When the question of “Are we going to see more owner presence?” was asked by Lawrence Weekly – a firm answer of “yes” was given.

Under new ownership, the following must and will apply:

1. Management of Prive Nightclub Las Vegas will be required to take badge recognition training and be trained on how to properly interact with enforcement on both state and local levels. There will be a zero tolerance for interference with authorities.

2. No patrons or club goers should have access to dance poles – and dance poles are restricted to hired entertainers only.

3. There is new found restricted access to kitchen area, surveillance areas and any backroom areas for patrons, club goers or anyone other than a nightclub employee or authority.

4. Metro Police and State Gaming Authorities must have unobstructed access to the nightclub venue.

5. All managing partners and owners separated from the operation must have no involvement in operations or monetary gain from Prive Nightclub here or in Miami.

6. Monthly meetings will be held to monitor code compliance and quality assurance.

7. Financial books and records need to be available including security logs for review by audit teams.

Prive isn’t out of hot water yet! Another meeting is set to be held on September 1st since Planet Hollywood and other key members weren’t present at the meeting today. Please note – that any of the above stated provisions can be changed during that September 1st meeting – so nothing reported here is set in stone. Until then, Prive Nightclub has officially been granted a temporary license to operate for 30 days under the terms and agreements listed above. So long as the venue passes the proper inspections, etc. the Prive Nightclub Las Vegas will be re-opened THIS FRIDAY, August 21st. I’d also like to add that almost all of the 100 employees of the nightclub will be welcomed back!

Welcome back Prive Nightclub! You have been missed.

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