Breast-Feeding Doll Angers Parents [VIDEO]


NEW YORK, N.Y. “Milk, Milk…”—outraged parents say toy maker’s breast-feeding doll promotes promiscuity among young girls.

“Bebe’ Gloton” or Breast Milk Baby manufactured by Berjuan toys of Spain allow little girls to wear a special halter top with sensors that trigger the doll to imitate a breast-feeding infant.

The top has two well placed flowers where the nipples would be. When the doll’s mouth is next to the sensor located in the flower, it makes a sucking motion and sound.

Critics say the doll is over-sexualizing young girls or forcing them to grow up too quickly, but the company and supporters have said the toys are meant to teach young girls about the nurturing skills they’ll need later in life.

U.S. Berjuan spokesman, Daniel Lewis, said people have called them pedophiles and perverts, They’ve said we’re endangering little girls.

“Breast-feeding was a normal part of life before a few greedy pharmaceutical companies tried to make it rich selling artificial milk,” he said. “A girl who plays with a breast-feeding baby now will think this is the normal way to feed a baby.

“Now that underage sex and pregnancies are reaching shocking proportions, let’s have a doll which encourages children to … get pregnant!” wrote one angry poster on “Good Morning America’s” Facebook page.

Oz Naporano wrote she would look at other dolls before she selected the Breast Milk Baby for her little girl.

However, dad J.C. Renners called the doll a “neat concept.”

“We’ve got another baby due in June and I think it’s going to be a really neat way for our daughter, Grace, to connect with mom,” he said.

What do you think? Have the toy maker’s gone too far? Tell us what you think.

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