Bringing it to Broadway!


Have the Tony Awards really changed or is The Book of Mormon that good? It is a mixture of both. For those who understand political satire and a good dirty joke, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have long been modern day philosophers. With the huge success of South Park, Trey and Matt could sit back, and let the good times roll. However, back in 2004 when meeting composer Robert Lopez, composer and co-writer of Avenue Q, these crusaders of truth knew that a musical about Mormonism was the next logical step.

The decision has proven to be one of the best they have made. The Book of Mormon swept the Tony awards with fourteen nominations and took home the award for Best Musical of 2011. Though this may be surprising to the Tony crowd, to those fans of South Park, this isn’t a shock at all. The show has covered many issues and with more honesty and integrity than most modern journalists today. They haven’t any agenda other than to inform and entertain and have used South Park tremendously for both purposes. The outsider whom has never seen the show may not agree, as there are many who would demonize it for its profanity and often times brash commentary, however, it is the closest thing to Dickensian wit and true philosophy that this modern society has.

There is no denying that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have the creativity, intelligence and longevity required to make their mark on the world and have it listen what they have to say. First, they used little animated altered egos running around their hometown getting into situations that always led them and the audience to some sort of lesson, whether it is light or heavy. Now they have taken the Broadway stage and made it their own by taking what may be considered unfunny and making it stupendous. That is what an artist does; they create from tragedy, oppression, and absurdity, and make it into something that speaks to people. Trey and Matt have done this again, but on a scale that brings their genius to an entirely different audience then they previously had with South Park, but using the same brilliant humor.

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