Britney Allegedly Beaten by Boyfriend


Reports have been blowing up all over the internet today with allegations that Britney Spears confided in ex- husband Jason Alexander back on October 10th that her now boyfriend Jason Trawick had beat her.  This is according to Star Magazine.

According to Star Magazine Jason Alexander recorded a phone call with Britney back in October where she told him that Trawick had beaten her.  In the audio tape, Britney says that “he hit me so hard it gave me a black eye”. This is all based on an audio tape obtained by but, a certified forensic audio expert has analyzed the tape and confirmed that it is in fact a fake.  Arlo West says, “In my opinion, it is not her voice in the tape” and then goes on to say,”Listening to the phonetics, it doesn’t appear to be authentic”, adding, “the mannerisms in her voice just don’t match up”.

According to Britney’s camp Star Magazine knew the story was fake before even printing it but, decided to go ahead with it anyway. A rep for Britney says, she hasn’t even had contact with Jason Alexander in years and this is just another way for the media to sell more magazines and promises that Britney’s lawyers will be taking legal  action against the magazine and Jason Alexander for printing yet again more lies about the pop star.

Sounds to me like poor Britney is never gonna get a break in love, life, or career.  I’m really pulling for you girl and in the words of  Chris Crocker, “Leave Britney Alone”!

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