Broadway Musical Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Turns Off the Crowd


I reported earlier this month that there was a new Broadway show making financial history flying in to midtown Manhattan’s theater row. Well, $65 million later, ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’ debuted providing what critics are calling an epic web of failed attempts resulting in a superhero flop.

Now we understand, that the magical string that shoots out of Spidy’s wrists are meant to be sticky, but at one point – reported by the NY Post – Natalie Mendoza, who plays the radioactive arachnid that bites Peter Parker, was apparently stuck in midair above the audience at the end of her number, ‘Rise Above,’ due to a wire malfunction for “an embarrassing seven or eight minutes as stagehands worked feverishly to figure out the problem”. The New York Times further reported that Mendoza wasn’t the only one getting a nice long look at the tops of confused heads. Reeve Carney, our titular character, was also suspended unexpectedly during a routine flying scene. After his rescue, production felt this was time for intermission. Oh boy, if only to be a bug on the wall at that overpriced concession stand.

The show went on to stop four more times before act one’s culmination. According to the NY Daily News, some theatergoers were even spotted walking out of the theater after the fifth and final show-halter. And the ones that didn’t leave, used Twitter as a complaining ground giving the flawed performance a less than standing-O review.

Now you can’t blame the disgruntled audience’s reaction that is realistically expected, given they walked into the packed 1800-seat Foxwoods Theater prepared to see a show touted as the most expensive Broadway musical in history. All the kinks aside, some theater-goers that paid as much as $275 for a ticket claim it’s a sure smash hit when it opens officially in six weeks on January 11. Hmm… I guess money does really make you see the world differently.

Including the 40 minute intermission, the show that has been delayed for over a year now, kicked off 24 minutes late and drudged on for nearly three and a half hours. Adding insult to injury, there was no chance of leaving the audience with a strong finish in an effort to make them possibly forget the past flops during the performance, as it was reported half of the last ten minutes were spent completely stopped to work out even more twists.

As the story goes, Peter Parker’s love interest, Mary Jane, is supposed to be rescued from the top of the Chrysler Building… but, since part of the building was missing, Mary Jane was no where in sight leading me to believe there just might have been much more “Mary Jane” than you think floating around backstage! Puff Puff…

(image: Official Poster)

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