Brother Can You Spare A Dime: Site Offers 95% Off Retail


There’s a new auctioneer in town and their name is QuiBids. The, what seems to be, overnight success of this Oklahoma based company is attributed to the development of a system allowing savvy bidders to purchase brand new items for literally pennies on the dollar. Recent auction winners have reportedly landed products such as iPads, Macbooks, HDTVs, Digital Cameras, and Gaming Consoles while saving major mula! Recent success stories include: An Apple Macbook Pro for $23.90, a Nikon D90 Camera for $45.84, and Sony Playstation 3 for $12.32. How about that? It all works out to an average purchase price of 25% of the retail value. (

How does it work? Simple really. Each auction has a time limit that is reset each time a bid is placed allowing for other bids to get in on the action before it closes out. Bids cost only 60 cents. So, if you can grab a VIZIO 32 HDTV for $2.60, like one Arizona customer did, then why haven’t we heard of this new discount heaven? Well, QuiBids CEO Matt Beckham says, “A huge part of our growth is generated by word of mouth and friends recommending us to their friends – so we must be doing something right.

Now, if you’re not a gambler, no problem. QuiBids has a element tantamount to eBay’s Buy It Now feature called, well, Buy-It-Now. Alright, it’s not similar… it’s exactly the same – which allows shoppers to purchase the item without the nail-biting countdown clock and click wars with fellow cyber buyers.

This site is so financially clever, I was tempted to keep the savings all to myself. But then again, if I were to do that, how would I sell my car for $3.97? (Disclaimer: Excludes Tax, Title, & License charge of $30,000) Fine print… ain’t that a bitch. Happy bidding kids!

{image from QuiBids}

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