Brothers from Another Mother “Ted Williams vs.Barack Obama”


Former homeless, crack addicted radio announcer Ted Williams has become the latest pet cause of the month after a video of him holding a cardboard sign asking for help was posted on YouTube Jan. 3.

Since that time Williams has appeared on several television shows including, The insider, Today show, Jimmy Fallon and the worst of them all, Dr. Phil. However, all these shows failed to mention the obvious connection Williams has to President Barack Obama.

Look at the picture on the left and you will see that Williams bears an uncanny resemblance to President Obama. All he needs is a haircut, nice suit, a trip to the dentist and birthers shouting he’s not a real radio guy to complete the look.

In fact, it would not surprise this reporter if Obama ends up looking like Williams at the end of his Presidential term.

However, all that will have to wait as media whore Dr. Phil has convinced Williams to enter a treatment program for his substance abuse problems.

 Williams recently became the official spokesman for Crack Kraft Macaroni and Cheese despite several protest from voiceover professionals who have been struggling to earn a living in a tough economy and don’t have substance abuse problems.

For now this former crack addicted DJ that looks like Obama and sounds like every radio guy you’ve ever heard is enjoying his 14:30 of fame. Tick-Tock Ted, Tick-Tock.

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