Brothers From Another Mother


“Triplets Edition”

Never in the history of Brothers from another mother have we had three actors who look like they could be related. Granted, this is only number five of our series, but it is still unprecedented.

On the Left, “Everyone Loves Raymond” co-star, Brad Garrett. Since the show ended in 2005, Garrett’s pension for beating up paparazzi on the mean streets of Hollywood has been well documented by the press. The fact that anyone would want to take his picture at all, is a mystery unto itself. Perhaps Garrett missed his true calling, that of an over-grown Bully.

In the center is Jeffery Dean Morgan, who you may recognize from his brief role as Judah Botwin in the Showtime hit series “Weeds.” When he’s not playing the Botwin’s dead dad, you can see Morgan in the comic book themed flicks, “The Losers” and “Watchman.”

On the right, Spanish actor Javier Bardem, who became a household name when he starred as the emotionless killer in the Coen brother’s crime thriller, “No Country for Old Men.” Bardem is currently married to actress Penelope Cruz and recently starred  in “Eat Pray Love.”

Photo & design by: M.Roberts

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